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Dear miners, we are performing maintenance on the LTC pool. Mining operations are unaffected. All shares will be paid correctly.


PPLNS system is more profitable, because you get rewards fully, sometimes even more. To fully evaluate benefits, try to mine minimum of 3 blocks with us and already on 3rd block you will observe a stable income. Even if you will change your miners to another pool, you will still receive income from us some time after. PPS is convenient because you get payouts more often, but profit is less, as in share calculation formula pool risks are taken into account, even if pool hold a promise of % commission. With our PPLNS you will also get bonuses up to 5% for each block.

How do i know how much i can earn?

After signing in on website go to Dashboard.There you can see prognosis of your income considering current Hashrate.

Why is my income different from prognosis(for example from whattomine)

Most likely you have only begun to mine together with us. To distribute rewards we currently use PPLNS system. We pay for last 2 x network difficulty shares. For first block you will receive less, as scored shared are covering more than one block, this is why reward is increased for multiple blocks at once. For one block you will get reward 2, sometimes 3 times. This principle was invented for dealing with so called pool-hoppers, who take away part of reward from honest miners. In a long term PPLNS brings assured stable income, which exceeding income compared to any other payout principle.

Why mining on SigmaPool is more profitable

Currently in our pool you will receive bonus for each block found together with us. For LTC block you will receive approximately 3% of each rewards and 5% for BTC. We tried to make statistics as detailed as we could, so you always can see how much you are earning.

How to configure payouts from pool to the wallet?

You may do that in your account, in the Settings tab where is Payment settings row.

What will happen if i will not specify wallet for payouts in settings?

Your balance will increase according to collection of assessments. As soon as you will set up your payout address, system will automatically transfer all funds to your wallet. During collection of new assessments auto-payouts will also be working. You may remove payout address at anytime to prevent funds withdrawal from balance. During setting up wallet address it is checked for validity, so funds are protected from being sent to non-existent address.

Do you have a referral program?

Currently our referral program is in development.

Why do i have so many Discarded Shares

Discarded shares is a meaningless stat unless you are using getwork (and even then it only matters to the pool operator, not the miner). It is a 100% useless stat on GBT and Stratum. Discards are not rejects, they are not even shares. It means your software had work prepared to hash but instead it discarded it in favor of newer/fresher work. You are not wasting any hashes when your miner discards work.

Can i get payouts in different currency, for example Bitcoin?

Integration with ShapeShift is planned within next couple of days. After that you will be able to get payouts in most comfortable currency for you.